Only fresh ingredients are used at Friendly Foods

Our Mission

Friendly Foods offers convenience and quality to busy people with dietary restrictions who benefit from the convenience of a ready-made meal combined with the peace of mind that comes with quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients.
Our goal is to create more enjoyment for food in the lives of those who are affected by food restrictions by teaching them new recipes and ways to prepare foods that will keep them feeling well but also satisfy their enjoyment for meal times. We offer cookdates to engage our clients, teach them recipes and cooking techniques, and offer them a vast array of food possibilities they would not have otherwise imagined and stock their refrigerator with quick solutions for dinner time.
We are proud to offer fully prepped custom meals, delivered to the homes of those who are simply too busy to schedule a cookdate, but want the fresh, delicious ingredients we combine to create quick meals that are safe for their family.
We take pride in our ability to bring you quick and easy, yet healthful and delicious meal solutions to help you enjoy your meals, no matter what your food or schedule restrictions are.

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