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Allergy friendly,
fresh & delicious

Convenient meals for busy people

Friendly Foods Meal Prep

Prep with us

Learn to prepare healthy meals that fit your dietary restrictions by joining us for a Cookdate, or let us prep your food for you. The choice is yours!

Cook at home in minutes

Cook in minutes

Your custom designed meals cook quickly in a single pan on the stove, or marinate slowly to perfection in the slow cooker. Ready when you are!

Worry Free Meals

Enjoy worry-free

Every meal we help you create consists of the freshest, most reliably-sourced ingredients. You can be sure of what you’re eating, and it’s delicious!

Only fresh ingredients are used at Friendly Foods

Fresh ingredients

Friendly Foods offers convenience and quality to busy people with dietary restrictions who benefit from the convenience of a ready-made meal combined with the peace of mind that comes with quality, fresh, and healthy ingredients.

Our goal is to create more enjoyment for food in the lives of those who are affected by food restrictions by teaching them new recipes and ways to prepare foods that will keep them feeling well but also satisfy their enjoyment for meal times. We offer cookdates to engage our clients, teach them recipes and cooking techniques, and offer them a vast array of food possibilities they would not have otherwise imagined and stock their refridgerator with quick solutions for dinner time.

We source our ingredients from certified organic farms

Allergen friendly

We realize it’s so hard to know what you are truly putting in your body. Ingredient lists are intentionally complex. Restaurants are secretive. It’s frustrating and nearly impossible to know what you are actually eating, and even harder to avoid ingesting potential allergens, carcinogens, and pesticides.

We value your ability to trust in our ingredients above all, so we source our ingredients from organic, local farms. No pesticides, hormones, or GMOs. No processed oils or vegetables, high fructose corn syrup, or nitrates. Only farm-fresh ingredients that make every one of our recipes taste amazing. Not only that, but we are proud to support our local farmers and economy.

Our meals are ready in minutes at your home

Ready in minutes!

Our menus are customized to your dietary needs. Every one of our meals is free of common anaphylactic allergens such as peanuts and bananas, and we have special cookdates available to accomodate those with shellfish allergy, so you are never exposed to your allergens. If you are ultra sensitive, let us prep your food for you, in a completely allergen-free kitchen. We’ll deliver it to your door and you’ll never have to worry about exposure to your allergens.

Not only are you able to maintain your dietary restrictions, but you can learn new recipes, and your meals are still ready to eat in under 20 minutes. Without the extra salt and preservatives. Without wondering what you’re eating and how you’ll feel tomorrow. Our meals are truly convenient and tailor made to fit your life.