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Lawn Care Services - Maintenance

We offer an array of lawn care services ranging from minimal maintenance to pest control to our most luxurious plan which covers all lawn services from Spring till Fall. Whatever your needs, we’ll help you keep your lawn plush and healthy, and give you back your free time. Choose a service from the list below to view more information.

Price varies by acreage. Ready to arrange your custom plan? First, Get a Quote!

Full Maintenance

From Spring until Fall, this package has you covered. This deluxe package includes regular pruning, lawn maintenance, weed and bug protection all summer long.

We start in the Spring. Within three days of the first thaw, we will prune your shrubs and bushes. After the snow is gone, we aerate and fertilize your lawn and plants. We will spray for bug eggs before they hatch to lessen the volume of mosquitos in your yard. All summer, we will control your weeds and mosquitos, and keep your lawn and shrubs trimmed. Come Fall, we will clean up your leaves, and give your shrubs and trees one last pruning at the first sign of freezing temperatures. We will wrap any shrubs that need extra protection for the Winter.

This is really the total package. You let us know which days per week work well for you, and we will do all the work for you, leaving you free to enjoy your lawn.

Fertilization & Aeration

Fertilization helps a lawn recover from environmental stressors and encourages the natural thickening process of lawn grasses. We use a blend of dry and liquid fertilizers. Timing varies by grass variety, but Fertilization should be done in the early months of Fall.

Aeration is the process of allowing air to move through the thatch layer and into the soil. Core aeration removes plugs of soil and grass and puts them on top of the lawn. Spike aeration puts holes into the ground so the air and water can move into the soil profile. If grass seed is applied first, it can be driven into the ground. Both methods loosen the soil, allowing water to flow in and fresh air to oxygenate the soil. In addition, loose soil increases the efficacy of applied treatments such as fertilizer and pesticides.

This package includes a once per year treatment of Fertilization and Aeration to renew your grass and keep it plush and healthy. We will customize our methods to suit your lawn. This text taken from

Weed Control

Weeds can be a niusance and an eye-sore. They steal nutrients away from your lawn and your plants, and make your lawn look bad. Pulling them by hand can take hours, and using typical store-bought chemicals can be harsh on your lawn and your pets. Let us help take the worry out of weed removal.

Our Weed Control package includes summer-long treatments of common weeds found in lawns, tailored to your needs. For an extra charge, we can also weed your garden using our special tools and absolutely no chemicals. This can be done as often as you like!

Stop wasting your time fighting weeds, and let us do it for you. Our treatments, over time, can ultimately reduce the number of weeds you will have in the future. We will leave your lawn better than we found it. We promise!